Geodetic Bureau “Geo-Dita” d.o.o. from Belgrade started working on May 11, 2000 and from the very beginning his main business orientation was to provide geodetic services in the wider territory of Belgrade. Over the years, the bureau has developed and in accordance with the competition, over time, has expanded its activities to jobs that are not purely geodetic, in order to provide clients with the most complete service.

Surveyors in the bureau deal with the production of geodetic surveys, parcelling, delimitation, geodetic works during legalization and registration (registration of property rights).

Today, the Geo-Dita bureau is fully qualified to participate in all phases of site preparation, then the execution of geodetic measurements and finally the completion of documentation for the purposes of registration in the Real Estate Cadastre. This level of service is the result of many years of successful business and technical cooperation of GB “Geo-Dita” with several Architectural and Urban Bureaus, Construction Companies and renowned law firms.

Our “Geo-Dita” office employs 10 geometers, with higher, higher and secondary professional education. The company has all the necessary technical equipment, total stations, levels and GPS system. Also, we have the appropriate licenses provided by the Law for the provision of geodetic services in the field of Real Estate Cadastre, Construction and Design (372 – Responsible designer of geodetic projects and 471 – Responsible contractor of geodetic works).

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Our references

Geodetic Bureau "Geo-Dita" has participated in many large projects, such as Delta City, Belgrade on the Water, Bellville and many others.


Our employees

The Geodetic Bureau "Geo-Dita" currently has 10 (ten) experts in its team, who have successfully presented many projects.


Our equipment

Geodetic Bureau "Geo-Dita" has all the necessary technical equipment, total stations, levels and GPS system.


Our associates

During its twenty-year business, the geodetic bureau "Geo-Dita" has achieved a large number of successful collaborations, thanks to its associates.