Obtaining various documents from the competent republic and city services (copy of the plot plan, list of real estate, copy of the line plan, etc.) as well as all accompanying items in the field of real estate cadastre, construction and design. Services may include surveying, delimitation, parcelling, surveying snim

Below you can see in detail the services provided by the surveying bureau “Geo-Dita”:

Geodetski biro u Beogradu Geo-Dita, oblast katastra.

Real Estate Cadastre Area

The Geodetic Bureau "Geo-Dita" performs numerous services within the Cadastre, which is the basic public register of real estate and real rights to it.

Geodetski biro u Beogradu Geo-Dita, oblast građevinarstva.

Field of Construction

The role of the geodetic bureau "Geo-Dita" on the construction site includes the development of plans and maps that are of great importance to other technical and social professions.

Geodetski biro u Beogradu Geo-Dita, oblast projektovanja.

Field of Project Planning

In the field of Project Planning, the geodetic bureau "Geo-Dita" offers multiple services such as project documentation, topographic, situational plans, etc.